Obituaries The Cheltonian 2022-23


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These obituaries have been compiled from obituaries published in national and local papers and tributes written by family members or those who knew the deceased very well. We are extremely grateful to Malcolm Sloan and to Hannah Dale, College Archivist, for the research she has carried out and for providing many of the College photographs. Please get in touch to let us know of any obituaries or notices for our website and the next edition of The Cheltonian.

20 October 2023

Melanie Walton (Junior Boarding House Parent 2001-13)

Mel Walton died of natural causes on 12 June 2023. Mel and her husband Jim were much-loved members of staff at Cheltenham College Junior School from 2001 to 2013.

19 October 2023

Jasper Rodney Archer (Xt, 1964)

Jasper Archer, brother of Hugh Archer (Xt, 1964), died on 19 December 2022, aged 81.

18 October 2023

Simon Charles Ayre (Xt, 1974)

Simon Ayre died on 30 January 2023, aged 67. A full obituary will be published on the Cheltonian Society website and in the next edition of The Cheltonian.

17 October 2023

Paul Hamer Blackburn (H, 1952)

Paul Blackburn, brother of Robin Blackburn (H, 1954) and Martin Blackburn (H, 1950), father of Richard Blackburn (H, 1984) and Robert Blackburn (H, 1982) and uncle of Will Blackburn (L, 1989), died on 6 November 2022, aged 88.

16 October 2023

Ralph Bruce Cottrell (H, 1969)

Ralph Cottrell, brother of Keith Cottrell (H, 1967), died on 10 February 2023, aged 71. The following has been provided by Ralph’s brother, Keith.

15 October 2023

Michael Coventry Hancock (L, 1948)

Mike Hancock, son of Lt Col Leslie F Hancock OBE (L, 1913), died on 20 February 2023, aged 93. The following has been provided by Mike’s family.

14 October 2023

John Harper-Nelson (Cheltondale, 1939)

Major John Harper-Nelson died on 10 July 2022 in Australia, aged 100.

12 October 2023

Timothy George Harris (Xt, 1946)

Tim Harris died on 11 November 2022, aged 94. The following has been provided by Tim’s widow Gill Harris.

11 October 2023

John Philip Barklie Maxwell (L, 1960)

John Maxwell died on 4 June 2023, aged 81. The following is taken from a eulogy given by The Rt Hon Sir Paul Girvan, a great friend of John’s, edited by Dr Malcolm Sloan.

10 October 2023

Colin Barrie Douglas Mayes (L, 1958)

Barrie Mayes, brother of Peter Mayes (L, 1965) and Tim Mayes (L, 1971), died on 5 September 2022, aged 82.

09 October 2023

Stephen Michael Page (H, 1964)

Stephen Page, brother of Gordon Page (H, 1962) and Alan Page (H, 1968), died on 26 June 2023, aged 77.

08 October 2023

David John Powdrill (H, 1954)

David Powdrill, father of Guy Powdrill (H, 1991), died on 7 June 2023, aged 86. David was captain of the College swimming team and a member of Britain’s bobsleigh team in the early 1970s.

07 October 2023

Ronald Tuxworth Procter (H, 1949)

Ronald Procter, brother of Mervyn Procter (Day Boy, 1937), died on 13 July 2023, aged 92. The following has been provided by Ronald’s son, Jeremy.

06 October 2023

David Hansen Reeves (H, 1950)

David Reeves, brother of Michael Reeves (Xt, 1947), died on 22 December 2022, aged 89. The following is compiled from David’s autobiographical notes.

05 October 2023

Alan David Reith (NH, 1950)

David Reith, father of the late Fiona Reith (Ch, 1989), died on 11 November 2022, aged 89.

03 October 2023

Michael Templeton Scott-Kerr (Day Boy, 1954)

Mike Scott-Kerr died on 26 February 2023 in Canada, aged 87. The following has been written his family.

02 October 2023

David John Shenton Sewell (Day Boy, 1959)

David Sewell died on 17 May 2023, aged 81. The following has been written by David’s close friends.

01 October 2023

Alan Rorie Singlehurst (BH, 1959)

Alan Singlehurst died on 22 June 2023, aged 81. The following has been provided by Alan’s cousins.

20 September 2023

Alexander Jonathan Stewart (H, 1968)

Jo Stewart died on 24 May 2023, aged 73. Jo was a Prefect and was a particularly keen hockey player, playing in the hockey 1st XV, as well as rugby 2nd XV.

19 September 2023

Peter Brian Todd (H, 1961)

Peter Todd died on 2 February 2023, aged 79. Peter was a Solicitor in Sheffield for 45 years.

18 September 2023

Robin Michael Wright (H, 1965)

Robin Wright, son of Edwin Wright MBE (H, 1929), died on 6 January 2023, aged 75.