Over the past year £745,000 has been donated or pledged to the Cheltenham College Charitable Trust by Old Cheltonians, current and past parents, and staff. The wonderful generosity of these Cheltonian Society members has enabled a number of pupil-facing projects to be completed during the year, in addition to increasing the funds for bursaries and the Centre for Innovation, Economics and Business (CIEB).


Pupil-facing projects

Projects completed this year include the restoration of the last of the 12 Chapel Lunettes, the installation of audio- visual equipment in Chapel, improved storage facilities for Archives and the construction of five ground trampolines at The Prep. As well as these projects, a number of Speech Day prizes and the Mini MBA prize were from donations.



Means tested bursaries funded through donations are vital for families who would not otherwise be able to consider a Cheltenham College education. This year has also seen the establishment of a bursary endowment fund in memory of Guy Dodd (H, 1959 and Housemaster of Leconfield 1973- 1982). The purpose of a capital endowment is to secure an annual income to provide fully funded bursary places.


Centre for Innovation, Economics and Business (CIEB)

Construction of the CIEB is due to commence in April 2023 ready for it to open in September 2024. This new building adjacent to the Science Centre will provide much needed additional classrooms for Business and Economics, as well as a teaching and learning observation room for use by all departments. In addition to the CIEB project there are plans for a major refurbishment of the Pavilion (Lower Gym), with the mezzanine floor reintroduced to create a new function space linking onto the balcony.

All donations to the Cheltenham College Charitable Trust are greatly appreciated and have a transformative impact on both the College campus and the lives of Cheltonians. Many thanks indeed to all Cheltonian Society members who have given over the past year.

If you would like any further details about the Cheltenham College Charitable Trust or to discuss supporting College, please contact Sebastian Bullock, Development Director: [email protected]


Chapel Lunettes before and after restoration. The paintings by James Eadie Reid are executed in oil paint on canvas and date from the early 20th century. Over several summers, Hirst Conservation have painstakingly undertaken surface cleaning, stabilisation of the delaminated canvas, filling, retouching and applying a protective varnish.

Before After