Jason Tankmar (OJ & H, 1999) from Johannesburg, South Africa married Paolla Smith (British-Italian) on 17 September 2021 in Monaco, in a civil wedding followed by lunch at Hotel de Paris. Jason and Paolla are also delighted to announce the birth of their daughter as detailed below.





Poppy Stirland (A, 2012) married Tom Hibbert (H, 2010) on 28 May 2022 at Tom’s home in Southrop. Marsha Briman (A, 2012) was Maid of Honour, Claudia Holt (A, 2012) Bridesmaid and Will Shuker (XT, 2010) Best Man. Also in attendance were Tessa Peckham (OJ & A, 2012), Sarah Carrington (A, 2012), Issy Tomkinson (A, 2012), Camilla Akehurst (Ch, 2012), Kate Robbins (Ch, 2012), Luca Lobjanidze (BH, 2012), Mark Doumler (Xt, 2012) and Oliver Watkins (H, 2011).



Emma Beresford (OJ & Q, 2011) married Thomas White (Xt, 2011) on 26 March 2022 at St John the Baptist Church, Elmore in Gloucestershire. Jessica Shepherd (Q, 2011) and Tilly King (Q, 2011) were bridesmaids and Alfie Gilbert (Xt, 2011) was an usher. Also in attendance were Joshua Baldwin (Xt, 2011), Gus Slator (Xt, 2011), Tom Dessain (Xt, 2011), Pete Wild (Xt, 2011), William Beresford (L, 2013) Rufus Collier (S, 2011), Victoria Moore (W, 2011), James Kirkpatrick (L, 2011), James Hope (NH, 2011), Harry Hitchins (NH, 2011), Chris Mellor (NH, 2011), Lloyd Moore (S, 2011), Harriet Slator (A, 2011) and Charles Ball (L, 2009). The Organist was Alexander Ffinch.



Lulu Watson (Ch, 2009) married Nick Healy on 29 May 2021 followed by a blessing and party on 18 December. Jono Watson (Xt, 1977) was Father of the Bride, Bella Watson (Ch, 2012) was Maid of Honour, Freddie Watson (H, 2015) an Usher and Blair Abel (Ch, 2009) a Bridesmaid. Also in attendance were John Shelton (BH, 1977), Rachel White (Ch, 2009), Natasha Sims (Ch, 2009), Becca Meeson-Frizelle (Ch, 2009), Will Ripley (S, 2009) and Philippa Evans (A, 2012).




Pip Mitchell (A, 2008) married Benjamin Wreford on 9 April 2022. Georgia Picken (née Messer, A, 2008) and Rachel Owen (Ch, 2008) were bridesmaids and Guy Mitchell (NH, 2011) an usher. Also in attendance were Eliza Johnston (A, 2008), Clemmie Baumgauten (née Nesbitt, OJ & Ch, 2009), Kat Arneil (née Tomkinson, A, 2008), Kim Harris (née Willet, A, 2008), Angus Barthorp (OJ & Xt, 2008), Fred Barton (L, 2008), Max Baumgarten (né Harrison, Xt, 2008), Jess Harding (née Boyer, A, 2008), Tash Price (W, 2008), Frankie Hall (Q, 2009), Thomas Richardson (Xt, 1998 and past staff), Alice Straker (W, 2008), Tom Hughes (Xt, 2003) and Caroline and Rob Park (past staff ).




Olivia Tanner (Q, 2008) married William Jones- Bateman (OJ) on 11 June 2022 at Holy Rood Church, Ampney Crucis, Gloucestershire with the reception taking place at the home of Olivia’s parents. Edward Jones- Bateman (OJ & NH, 2010) was Best Man and Julia Pagett (OJ & Q, 2008) was a Bridesmaid. Also in attendance were Isabel Caterer (Q, 2008), Hayley Walker (OJ & W, 2010), Nicole Edwards (OJ & W, 2010), Harriet Tilley (W, 2010) and Andrew Neves (NH, 2010).



Max Oyston (H, 2010) married Gemma Barker on 9 July 2022 at Iscoyd Park, Shropshire. Joshua Benbo (NH, 2010) was Groomsman and Joss Ford (NH, 2010), Dougie Gittins (OJ & Xt, 2010) and Eleanor Jennings (OJ & A, 2010) attended. Max and Gemma’s Flower Girl rode a Shetland pony down the aisle and their dog Otty was their ring bearer.




Will Mason (S, 2009) married Hilary Cronin on 23 July 2022 at Gloucester Cathedral with the reception at Cheltenham College in Big Classical. Tom Haggie (S, 2009) was Best Man. Also in attendance were Penny Mason (past staff ), Clare Oliver (Q, 2009), Lotti Wilkinson (OJ & Q, 2005) and Gordon and Fiona Busbridge (past staff ). The Organist was Alex Ffinch.




Florence Jones (OJ & W, 2010) married Sean McLoughlin on 20 August 2022 in Cheltenham College Chapel followed by a reception in the Dining Hall. Benedict Jones (OJ & BH, 2013) was a Bridesman and Fred Whitehead (BH, 2013), Paul Thomas (OJ & S, 1979), David Thomas (OJ & S, 1975) and David and Jane Moore (current staff ) attended.




Anneli Lowe (née Oakes, Ch, 1994) and her husband Robert Lowe are pleased to announce the birth of their daughter Catherine Stella Lowe on 19 July 2021, a lockdown baby born on ‘Freedom Day’ and sister to Victoria May and Elizabeth Rose.

Christina Chong (née Chong, Ch 2002) and her husband Alvin Chong are pleased to announce the birth of their daughter Alaina Chong on 9 October 2021, a sister for Cason.

Jason Tankmar (OJ & H, 1999) and his wife Paolla Smith welcomed a daughter Ava Davina Karen Tankmar on 27 December 2021, born in Monaco.

Laura Watts (A, 2009) and her partner Timothy Andrews are pleased to announce the birth of their daughter Penelope Eliza Andrews on 18 March 2022.

William Invine (OJ & S, 2001) and his wife Emma Invine have welcomed a baby boy Jack Matthew James Invine, born on 10 May 2022, brother to Amelia and Francesca.

Ellie Mallin (née Summers, Ch, 2011) and her husband Tom Mallin are pleased to announce the birth of their daughter Harriet Jennifer on 25 May 2022.

Emily Schlesinger (née Summers, Ch, 2009) and her husband Edward Schlesinger are pleased to announce the birth of their daughter Verity Ola Susan on 4 June 2022, born in Brunei Darussalam.

Anastasia Cook (née Asprou, Q, 2007) and her husband Joseph Cook are pleased to announce the birth of their son, Jacob Henry Steven Cook, born 6 July 2022, a brother for Sofia.

Alexandra Ottignon (née Forsyth, Ch, 2002) and James Ottignon (OJ & S, 2002) are pleased to announce the arrival of their second daughter, Lila Alexandra, born on 16 August 2022, a sister for Juno.