Our fond wishes to all Society members who have recently got married or had a baby. Please send us your news by completing the form on our website:




Amy Brown (Ch, 1995) married Mark Fletcher on 2 July 2022 in Guildford, joined by their son, Finley John Fletcher, who turned five this September. Amy’s twin David Brown (Xt, 1995) attended.



Angus Barthorp (Xt, 2008) married Lauren Hall on 16 July 2021 at Southwark Register Office, with their wedding party on 16 July 2022 at Compton Abdale near Cheltenham. OCs in attendance were Pip Mitchell (A, 2008), Max Baumgauten (Xt, 2008), Clemmie Baumgauten (Ch, 2007), Hamish Baillie (NH, 2008), James Wright (Xt, 2008), Fred Barton (L, 2008), Rachel Owen (Ch, 2008), Georgia Picken (née Messer, A, 2008), Eliza Johnston (A, 2008), Tash Price (W, 2008), Ben Pickard (H, 2008), Max Delamain (L, 2009) and Angus’s sister-in-law, Eleanor Jennings Barthorp (A, 2010). The excellent catering was managed by Bella Haycraft Mee (Q, 2011).




William Ripley (S, 2009) married Lucy Boynton on 30 July 2022 at St John the Baptist Church, Oxenton, Cheltenham. Ben Heininger (S, 2009) was Best Man and James McWilliam (S, 2009) was Master of Ceremonies. Also in attendance were William Poll (S, 2009), Andrew Hay (S, 2009), Charlie Daniels (BH, 2009), James Whitecross (NH, 2009), Charlie Ball (L, 2009), Lulu Healy (née Watson, Ch, 2009) and Ceri Blower (Q, 2009).






Clare Oliver (Q, 2009) married Zachary Aulakh in a small ceremony on the cliff tops of Mawgan Porth Bay, Cornwall on 22 May 2023. This was followed by a celebration at their home in Cheltenham. OC’s Charles Wyn-Davies (BH, 2008), Andrew Lomax (Xt, 2009), Ra Twilley (Xt, 2009) and Nigel Sherwood (Cheltondale, 1973) were in attendance as well as past parents, Drs Ewart, Candy Lewis and Helen Wyatt.






Siobhan Pierce (Q, 2010) married Thomas Pipoli on 11 March 2023 in Lake Bluff, Illinois, USA in a private ceremony with their immediate families. They celebrated their marriage with close family and friends on 20 June 2023 in Puglia, Italy. Siobhan’s brothers, Michael Pierce (L, 2012), Ryan Pierce (S, 2012), and Aidan (Trip) Pierce (Junior), performed readings at the ceremony. Madeleine Parsley (W, 2012) officiated the ceremony. Meghan Suddaby (Ch, 2012) attended.





Thomas Wand (NH, 2012) married Tamara Lewis on 7 July 2023 at Hensol Castle, Wales. Richard Wand (NH 2006) and David Kayes (NH, 2012) were groomsmen. In attendance were James Baker (NH, 2012), Conrad Beynon (NH, 2012), Derek Shum (NH, 2012), William Cook (NH, 2012), Oliver Thornley (NH, 2012), Philippa Coull (A, 2012), Georgia Pemberton (W, 2012) and Gareth Crossley (L, 2006).




George Smith (BH, 2010) married Amy Brumby (W, 2012) on Saturday 19 August 2023 in Hereford. Joining their two young children in the wedding party were Charlie Smith (BH, 2005), Max Arthur (L, 2010) as MC, Georgia Pemberton (W, 2012) and Lydia Day (W, 2012). Also in attendance were Madeleine Parsley (W, 2012), Phillipa Morris (W, 2012) and Eleanor Loader (née Richardson, Junior).





Alex Kirkby (L, 2008) and his wife Alexa Kirkby are pleased to announce the birth of Hugo Alexander Oliver Kirkby, born on 15 August 2022. Hugo was christened at College Chapel on 19 February 2023 by Reverend Dr Adrian Samuel.

Dr Daniel Brooke (Xt, 2002) and his wife Alexandra Brooke welcomed a baby boy, Joseph Brooke, born on 18 November 2022, brother to Poppy.

Samantha Mercer (née Berlet, W, 2011) and her husband, Simon Mercer, welcomed a baby girl, Lillian Sue, on 6 June 2023.

Lexi Stevens (née Straker-Nesbit, A, 2007) and her husband Sam would like to announce the birth of Harriet (Hattie) Eve Stevens born 16 June 2023, sister to Joseph (Joey).