Head's Welcome The Cheltonian 2021-22

Welcome from the Head

Mrs Nicola Huggett

Early on the morning of speech day, as the sun was coming up, I took a walk around the campus. While most pupils slept, the dew still lay on the ground and the jubilee bunting flapped gently in the breeze, I breathed in the stillness and beauty of the school. College was waiting patiently for the celebrations to begin. As I walked, I reflected on all that has happened this year, from our return with the spectre of covid hanging over us last september, through the long dark and somewhat damp days of the spring term to what has been a glorious summer term. What really struck me was that no matter what the circumstances have been, we have enjoyed many wonderful events and collaborations. We have proved to ourselves that we can triumph through whatever challenge is thrown at us and we are stronger together than we perhaps ever thought we were.


On my walk, even at that very early part of the day, I met so many members of our amazing support team who work the early hours each and every day and who are often already gone by the time the school awakes. They busied themselves making finishing touches to the gardens, the buildings and the grounds. Blooming flowers, freshly mown grass, shining brass door handles, sparkling glass in every building, canapes made, and smiling faces everywhere. That day summed up the community of which we, staff, pupils and parents alike, feel proud and glad to be a part in this great school.

In all the major aspects of what College does from sport to music and drama it has been a year of outstanding achievement and as I write, we have the highest of hopes for excellent examination success from our brave and resilient Fifth and Upper Sixth Forms. However, in all honesty, this past year has been about so much more than what we do. It has been the achievement of who we are and how we have been able to weather the storms of uncertainty, and emerge, with your help, parents, OCs and friends of College, stronger and more ambitious for all that now lies ahead.

We understand the power of being together, the importance of seeing joy in simple things and the need to make the most of every single opportunity that we have. I hope that you will enjoy The Cheltonian magazine and all the examples of these opportunities that lie within. I hope too that you can also feel from the smiling faces you will see on these pages, the tangible evidence of what we value most in the way we approach everything we do: strong character, community and creativity. Without doubt, there are exciting times ahead and we look forward to sharing news of our progress with you in the year to come.

Mrs Nicola Huggett