Cheltonian Society The Cheltonian 2022-23

Cheltonian Society

The Cheltonian Society connects the Cheltenham College and Cheltenham Prep community through events, professional networking opportunities and online network. Membership is automatic for Old Cheltonians, Prep leavers, current and past parents, and current and past staff.

19 October 2023

President of the Cheltonian Society

Welcome to the Cheltonian Society section of The Cheltonian 2022-23. You will see from this publication and elsewhere that College is in great health, evidenced especially by the outstanding feedback from the ISI report.

18 October 2023

Dr Malcolm Sloan: 50 Years at College

Retiring this summer, Malcolm Sloan has completed a remarkable 50 years at College.

17 October 2023

Cheltenham College Charitable Trust

Donations to CCCT by OCs, parents and staff have both an immediate and long-term impact on the lives of current Cheltonians.

16 October 2023

Supporting College Careers

Thank you to all the Cheltonian Society members who have volunteered for College careers events over the year.

15 October 2023


Our fond wishes to all Society members who have recently got married or had a baby.

14 October 2023


Society events are a mix of reunions for specific year groups and events that are open to all Society members. Galleries of photos from past OC reunions and Society events can be viewed on the Society website.

13 October 2023

Sports Clubs

Cheltonian Society sports clubs are a great way to connect with other Society members. Our thanks to all Society members who are involved in running sports clubs.

12 October 2023

OC Sporting Successes

We are proud that a number of OC athletes, many of whom were Talented Athlete Programme (TAP) members, achieve outstanding success in their sporting careers.