Prep Valete

Jack Banks

Jack impressed me from the very first moment I met him. Not only did he have the smartest hair cut in the Common Room, but his confidence and genuine care for the children’s learning was clear to see. Jack joined the Graduate Team in the Summer Term 2021, and quickly identified teaching in Lower School as his passion; although he reassures me this has nothing to do with Andy Theedom’s bar tab! Two years later and a wealth of experience under his belt, Jack is going to undertake his PGCE at the University of Gloucestershire. Jack has built trusting and honest relationships with the children, staff and parents and he will be missed by all this coming year. We wish him the very best and I am confident this is not goodbye, however, but see you soon.

Jack Avery


Tony Clarke

Tony joined The Prep as Head of English from a school in Kenya in 2017. From the moment he arrived, it was clear he was a kind and caring member of the team. This has added to the pastoral support of many children who have moved through his regular place in the Year 5 form team. Tony has always been passionate about helping the children have a voice at The Prep by running School Council. Regular work organising fundraising events for the school charities has seen huge amounts of money raised for some very worthwhile causes, as well as teaching the children at The Prep the importance of social responsibility. Tony has a passion for literature and will, I’m sure, enjoy the new challenges of indulging in this with senior school aged pupils in his new role.

Rachel Hamlyn


Sam Matthews

I will always remember Sam’s interview; 50 minutes later and I was still on question one! It is clear Sam has a passion for education and coaching and he has fully embraced life in a boarding school. Sam has the inability to do a job at 50% and he has fully applied himself in all areas of the job, his can-do attitude makes him a pleasure to work with. Although Sam is moving on from The Prep, he remains in the College family, as he starts his new role at College as a Cricket and Rackets Professional and Resident Tutor in Newick House. On behalf of all the boarders, Prep pupils and parents, and colleagues, thank you for your endless energy and thirst for hard work. We look forward to seeing you over at College on the boundary.

Jack Avery


Orla Sheehan

Orla has also been so much more than a teacher at The Prep. She has always cared deeply for every child’s welfare and so it came as no surprise when she was appointed Head of Middle School. She ran the section with huge efficiency but also with a great sense of respect from the pupils and staff, who admired her empathetic and approachable manner, showing the same skillset as she moved up to run Upper School this year.

She returns home to Ireland with our grateful thanks for all that she has done at The Prep. Orla will leave a considerable gap in the English Department when she leaves and will be missed hugely by both pupils and colleagues alike. Throughout her seven years in the Department, she has consistently demonstrated her creativity and resourcefulness as a fantastic and highly skilled teacher. She has always enjoyed superb working relationships with all her pupils, establishing and demanding high expectations, yet simultaneously showing care and compassion for all. We wish her every deserved success and happiness in her new post.


Noll Jenkins and Tony Clarke


Natalie Sharman

Natalie joined Pre-Prep in September 2022, arriving from Singapore to take up her role in Year 1. Her gentle and calm manner and love of ballet dancing combined with a steely determination made a wonderful impression on the children. Her classroom was a haven of purposeful learning with every child given encouragement to do their best. Natalie is a passionate educator and joins a local primary school to widen her professional experience. We wish her well with her exciting next chapter.

Rebecca Hughes-Noon