Cheltenham International Schools

It has been a year of growth for our international schools.

Incredible hard work by the entire team in Oman has established Cheltenham Muscat as a school we can be incredibly proud of; offering high quality education, facilities and teachers, the school is growing fast and expects to number more than 450 pupils for the coming year.

Mr Alan Etherton, Head of Overseas Education


The Cheltenham Centre at Junhwa International School, Jinhua City opened this September with 90 pupils, all preparing for IGCSEs or A Levels. We are fortunate to be working with such a highly experienced and passionate team in China. Mr Stephen Jones will be heading to Jinhua this summer to become founding Head of Centre and will help nurture Cheltenham values and ethos. His love of traditional school sports will no doubt rub off on the team of teachers starting their careers there. Stephen is a former teacher at College and more recently Headmaster of St Edward’s School in Oxford. We will continue to work closely over the coming year as the Cheltenham Centre takes root.

Mr Alan Etherton, Head of Overseas Education

Cheltenham Muscat The First Year

It has been an honour to bring a Cheltenham education to Oman and to be the Founding Principal of this wonderful school. As I reflect on our founding year, I can see the amazing progress that has been made by the children and the school into becoming the community it is today. Opening a new school is never easy, but the joy I have every day in seeing smiling children who are clearly enjoying the wonderful opportunities they have makes everything worthwhile. Memories that will live with me for some time are the community events, such as the 51st National Day celebrations, music concerts and art exhibitions, the sports tournaments, odd socks day and the Jubilee street party with Grade 3. Equally, the ‘ordinary’ day-to-day when I see children in their classroom or in the Atrium telling me about their day has been delightful. Whilst I hope that a Cheltenham education will bring a lasting legacy to Oman and all of the people involved in our school, I know that Oman has had a huge impact on me personally. The physical beauty of the country alongside the warmth and friendliness of all people I have met here will remain with me. I look forward to watching the school go from strength to strength over the coming years. Inshallah, ‘God willing’ in Arabic.

Mr Crispin Dawson, Founding Principal