Timothy George Harris (Xt, 1946)

Tim Harris died on 11 November 2022, aged 94. The following has been provided by Tim’s widow Gill Harris.

Tim was born on 11 October 1928. He attended Brackley Prep School before joining College in 1942. He spent the war years at College in the Churchillian boilersuit issued by the school and remembered digging up the rugby pitch to plant vegetables. He was captain of Running (long distance and sprinting).

Tim’s father farmed briefly in Gloucestershire before returning to East Bergholt, Suffolk where Tim’s grandfather had acquired farmland. This eventually passed to Tim who added, in 1951, a farm in Boxford to his landholdings.

Tim was involved with the local NFU, the Suffolk Show and the Hadleigh Show where he was a steward for over 50 years. His son George and grandson James continue to run the farms.