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Feature Articles

20 October 2023

Edward Wilson Portrait Restoration

Hannah Dale, College Archivist

Celebrating a portrait of an OC, painted by an OC and his son, and restored thanks to the generous donation of an OC.

19 October 2023

Cheltondale Memory

The Rt Hon the Lord (Michael) Jopling (Cheltondale, 1948)

During my years at Cheltondale (1944-1948), as healthy adolescents, we used often to think of girls. But during that time we never had sight or sound of the Ladies’ College.

18 October 2023

Making Headlines

Caroline Froggatt (Ch, 1992)

Whilst I was at College, I announced to my mother that I might wish to be a journalist. She quickly dismissed the idea because in her view a journalist was a ‘busybody'.

17 October 2023

Rowing to Success

Georgia Rattigan (Q, 2009)

In most team sports athletes have distinct roles to play, be it forward, defence or goalkeeper.

16 October 2023

Padel to the People

James Rock (NH, 2006)

As a student at College, I fell in love with racket sports, particularly rackets.

15 October 2023

Kenya to South Africa…and back!

Jaden Somen (Xt, 2022)

During my final weeks of Upper Sixth I wondered what I would be doing for my gap year, until a friend from back home in Kenya mentioned the possibility of a road trip from Nairobi to Cape Town and back.

14 October 2023

World of Fabric

Helen Webb-Carter (Ch, 1996)

I am one of those lucky people who really enjoy their job and who wakes up in the morning looking forward to my day’s work.

13 October 2023

Better Together

Ben Burch (BH, 1997)

It all began in the rowing minibus; or was it the gym, or perhaps the boat?

12 October 2023

Labor Omnia Vincit

Lldarin Nandhabiwat (née Mongkollugsana, Ch, 1986)

Never could I have imagined such a life-long impact that a couple of years at College (1984-1986) would have had on my journey and career thus far.

11 October 2023

Tuck Shop Entrepreneur

Max Brown (Xt, 2022)

I was at College for 15 years from the age of three, made great friends, loved team sports and did OK academically with A levels in Economics, Politics and Psychology.