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Feature Articles

24 October 2022

Polar Explorer and Naturalist OC Edward Wilson ~ Mr Nick Nelson

Few of College Chapel’s stained-glass windows were completed and coloured, yet one that certainly stands out is on the North side and features a somewhat illustrious Old Cheltonian, Edward Adrian Wilson.

23 October 2022

1991: The Queen’s Visit to College ~ Lucy Quibell (née Holt, Ch, 1992)

I will never forget meeting Her Majesty The Queen at Cheltenham College and having the honour of showing her around this fabulous school.

20 October 2022

Life at the Sharp End ~ Dr Harvey Pynn (OJ & Xt, 1993)

My career advice at College never entailed medicine. I wanted to be a farmer or a marine biologist. Enthused by my biology teacher Chris Rouan, off I went to the University of Oxford to study biology.

19 October 2022

Chapel Inspiration ~ Siobhan Pierce (Q, 2010)

When I think of Cheltenham College, my first and favourite memories are of Chapel – the thunderous hymn singing and Father Reynaud’s sermons. His sermons consistently focused on service to others.

17 October 2022

Full Circle at Cheltenham! ~ Benji Snell (L, 2002 and current Cheltenham Muscat staff)

On 31 August 1997, I set off for my first day at Cheltenham College. Mr Cook (Housemaster of Leconfield) had that summer come to my prep school, Beaudesert Park, and I was looking forward to starting at College, albeit a little nervous!

16 October 2022

Rowing to Business Success ~ Jody Fletcher (née Patrick, Ch, 1996)

I’m not sure I’ll ever forget my first day at College. I’d always been a real ‘home bird’. I have a close relationship with my parents and siblings so, despite the excitement about

16 October 2022

From Art Comes Engineering ~ Kim Harris (née Willett, A, 2008)

When I started at College in 2013, I can say with some confidence that the worlds of engineering and manufacturing were not high on my list of interests. My main and perhaps only subject of interest was Art.

15 October 2022

DofE: 60 Years Walking in the Hills ~ Anthony Sollars (L, 1961)

There can’t be many three-generation families with Duke of Edinburgh Awards. My interest in hill walking started with a course at Plas y Brenin, Snowdonia, when I was about 15, leading to a Silver DofE expedition with College in Skye and my Silver Award in 1961.

14 October 2022

Cheltenham in Shrewbsury: A Boyceite Remembers ~ Hugh Langrishe (Xt, 1940)

Britain was in a state of international crisis from as early as the summer of 1938. The boys at College were put to digging trench air raid shelters along the edges of the adjacent playing fields during the Summer Term – only to fill them in again in the Autumn Term;