Professional Networking Opportunities

The Cheltonian Society aims to forge and nurture connections between all our members. Increasing opportunities for professional networking and sharing the vast array of experiences of members is a high priority.

To this end, over the last year we launched new professional networking events and are developing ideas for more.


Give and Gain networking event

The first Give and Gain event, held online on 25 January 2022, aimed to trial a direct approach to networking that we hope will lead to further similar events in the future, both online and in person.

The Give and Gain participants represented a wide range of industries. In Round One, we adopted a speed-dating style approach with each participant giving a one-minute pitch about their business and the introductions they were looking for. In Round Two, the group offered ways they could collaborate and support each other, either directly or by sharing introductions to their own network of contacts.


Hong Kong Careers and Futures Webinar

Over the years, many OCs have crossed continents to work in Hong Kong; some as expats and some returning home. Of those, many wished they could have received more guidance before they made their respective moves.

Through this webinar, held on 7 February 2022, OCs based in Hong Kong shared their experiences, mistakes and successes with current students and other Society members who are considering relocating or returning to Hong Kong. This was a very successful event and we would love to replicate this format for other parts of the world.


Supporting current College students

Cheltonian Society members are an invaluable resource for current students and we are extremely grateful to all Society members who have generously given of their time and shared their expertise. Thank you to all OCs, current and past parents and past staff who have supported targeted Careers Evenings throughout the year, or visited a specific Department or House to give a talk.

In the Summer Term, we were overwhelmed by the response we received to a request for volunteers to hold mock interviews with Lower Sixth students as part of their Futures Week, which aims to support students in planning for their futures through workshops and visits, as well as sessions on budgeting, cooking, self-defence and first aid. The mock interviews were a great success.


If you have any ideas of how we can increase opportunities in this or other related areas, please contact Mr Nick Nelson: [email protected]