A full and uninterrupted year of sport at The Prep was a welcome novelty this year and everyone enjoyed participating in teams of all abilities on our pitches, courts and in the pool.

There were many achievements to note throughout the year and sadly there is not enough space on this page to list them all. However, particular recognition should go to our Independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS) U12 hockey team, who are now officially ranked third in the country, the national success (and records) achieved by our swimming team at IAPS and to everyone involved in the growth of girls’ cricket at The Prep.

Success is not just trophies, records and titles. Everyone at The Prep has participated and achieved in many ways throughout the year. Our Monday afternoon sessions, run with professional coaches and available to all teams, inspired everyone and provided pupils with the opportunity to develop their skills and abilities in all sports.

Each year we continue to build for the future and further enhance the sporting experience on offer at The Prep. In particular, we are excited to see the completion of new dry changing facilities at the Sports Centre, which will allow us to host our pupils, visiting teams and local sports competitions too.