Academic life at The Prep during the past 12 months has been a journey of vibrancy, variety and engagement. All of our pupils have been fully immersed in a huge range of learning experiences, both inside and outside of the classroom. The experiences came thick and fast throughout the year and included everything from author visits to escape room challenges, theatre workshops and much more in between! As ever, everyone has embraced challenge within their learning. They have not been afraid of finding things hard and have been supported throughout all of their lessons by their teachers, who enable them to take risks as part of the learning process.

Themed days, trips and talks during the year have all helped to enhance the experience further. Each of our school sections visited the Cheltenham Science Festival this year, interacting with the exhibits and getting to hear inspiring guest speakers live. We are very lucky to have such a resource on our doorstep.

The academic year concluded with lots of positive news from our Year 8s. More than 80% of all of The Prep scholarship candidates gained awards, including two very prestigious awards from College. The Lord James Hereford prize for highest overall scholar and the Prain prize for highest Science/Maths combined scores were both awarded to Prep pupils.