College Rackets Fellowship Programme

In 2021-22, we were proud to support three OC placements overseas as part of our bourgeoning Rackets Fellowship Programme: Mimi Davis (W, 2021) in Philadelphia, Will Hechle (Xt, 2021) in Chicago, and Gus Edwards (H, 2021) in Montreal. Our rackets professional Mr Mark Briers contacted our lucky OCs to find out how they made their respective mark overseas.

“As a Fellow at the Racquets Club of Philadelphia, my main aim was to promote the game to members, whilst actively encouraging more female participants. I taught lessons six days a week, ran tournaments, marked matches and put together draws. I was able to visit other rackets clubs in the US, including the Rackets and Tennis Club in New York to watch the World Doubles Championship Final. I forged amazing memories, it has been a huge highlight in my gap year, and I couldn’t recommend it more. I am extremely grateful to Cheltenham Rackets and Mr Briers for helping me in this process.” – Mimi Davis (W, 2021)

“I absolutely loved my time in Montreal, from start to finish it was such a good experience. I had to string rackets, tape balls, mark matches, and coach members. The members treat you so well and respect the work and help that you give them. I was also lucky enough to go to the Silver Racquet Championships in New York and was a finalist in the Racquets Doubles Championship. I would really recommend this trip to anyone.” – Gus Edwards (H, 2021)

“I was in Chicago for two and a half months with a 10-day stint at the Racket and Tennis Club in Boston; I also spent five days in New York during the US Open, playing in the US Amateur (Boston), the US Open (New York) and the Western Open (Chicago). It was an amazing experience to be able to go to all three cities to play and watch rackets and meet some incredible people.” – Will Hechle (Xt, 2021)

Mimi Davis (W, 2021) and Gus Edwards (H, 2021) with former world champion James Stout at the New York Racquet and Tennis Club. Will Hechle (Xt, 2021) with a Rackets Fellow from Wellington College, on a court being refurbished at the Racquet Club of Chicago.


Gus Edwards (H, 2021) with Montreal Racket Club professional Dan Fisher, at Gus’ leaving dinner in December 2021.

Gus Edwards (H, 2021) with Montreal Racket Club professional Dan Fisher, at Gus’ leaving dinner in December 2021.

If any current students are interested in discussing a future Rackets Fellowship, please contact Mr Briers.