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25 October 2022


This year, Ashmead girls put out a strong performance at Sports Day. Lily N, who won the 1500m, went on to do brilliantly in the Bannister Cup. To top off a fantastic day in the sunshine, Ashmead Upper College bettered their second place House Pots performance by taking first place on Sports Day.

25 October 2022

Welcome from the President

It’s great to see College energised by the return to normal routines post Covid. You will see from this publication and other communications that College is in rude health across many dimensions.

24 October 2022

Polar Explorer and Naturalist OC Edward Wilson ~ Mr Nick Nelson

Few of College Chapel’s stained-glass windows were completed and coloured, yet one that certainly stands out is on the North side and features a somewhat illustrious Old Cheltonian, Edward Adrian Wilson.

24 October 2022

Boyne House

This year, post pandemic, we saw the resurgence of Clans, starting off with the return of our annual Clan Walk up Leckhampton Hill as a way to introduce the House to the new Third Form.

24 October 2022

Professional Networking Opportunities

The Cheltonian Society aims to forge and nurture connections between all our members. Increasing opportunities for professional networking and sharing the vast array of experiences of members is a high priority.

24 October 2022

Colonel Anthony Paul Arengo-Jones CVO OBE (BH, 1962)

Paul Arengo-Jones, son of the late Brigadier AJA Arengo- Jones OBE (BH, 1934) and father of Tim (BH, 1995) and Olly (BH, 1997), died suddenly in France on 12 March 2022, aged 77.

24 October 2022


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23 October 2022

1991: The Queen’s Visit to College ~ Lucy Quibell (née Holt, Ch, 1992)

I will never forget meeting Her Majesty The Queen at Cheltenham College and having the honour of showing her around this fabulous school.

23 October 2022


As this was the first full year back in College and House post pandemic, Mrs Poulain and the House team were able to put on some exciting activities and events such as the rollerblade disco which really tested the girls’ stability!

23 October 2022


Our fond wishes to all Society members who have recently got married or had a baby.

23 October 2022

Lt. Col. Graham Avery (NH, 1947)

Graham Avery died peacefully on 18 March 2022, aged 92. Graham served for 26 years in various Royal Artillery regiments, HQ Northern Army Group and Ministry of Defence.

23 October 2022

Academic: Speech Day 2022

Speech Day Prizes awarded to 2022 Upper Sixth Leavers.

22 October 2022

Cheltonian Society Events

After the long pause in Society events due to lockdowns, we were delighted to be able to hold a full programme of events during 2021-22. Society events are a mix of reunions for specific year groups and events that are open to all Society members.

22 October 2022


It’s safe to say that the Christowe spirit was maintained by the Boyceites over lockdown and bolstered throughout this year.

22 October 2022


A round-up of: Activities Week | CCF | Duke of Edinburgh's Award | Co-curricular Drama | Co-curricular Music | The Wilson Diploma and Sports Leaders.

22 October 2022

John Peter Alton Batchelor FICS (Cheltondale, 1957)

John Batchelor, son of Lister John Frank Alton Batchelor (Cheltondale, 1925), died on 10 November 2021, aged 82.

21 October 2022

Prep Head’s Welcome

It is a wonderful feeling to sit here and write to you about a Prep School year that was uninterrupted, full of extraordinary activities and learning, and that was experienced by all of the children, together.

21 October 2022

College Lawn

As always it has been a busy year for us. On top of the wonderful range of social events we have had some great outings including a whole House Dinner at Cote, a trip to Ninja Warrior and a day when the junior girls got to go tubing and Upper College played laser tag.

21 October 2022


Bellamy Cup Winners | Concert for Ukraine | House Charity Round Up

20 October 2022


We returned in September 2021 to a sea of Covid test kits but hopeful that College life would soon become normal.

20 October 2022


Mr Jack and Mrs Jessica Avery joined The Prep as Boarding Houseparents this year and have sought to continue and develop the school’s long tradition of a fun, supportive and home-from-home boarding experience.

20 October 2022

Life at the Sharp End ~ Dr Harvey Pynn (OJ & Xt, 1993)

My career advice at College never entailed medicine. I wanted to be a farmer or a marine biologist. Enthused by my biology teacher Chris Rouan, off I went to the University of Oxford to study biology.

20 October 2022


Chapel | Rory Maddinson on ‘International Men’s Day’ | Madeleine Winston-Davis on ‘Gifts’ | Chatfeild-Roberts Library | Archives | Cheltenham Education Partnerships | Community Action | Internationalism | Pride and Allies | Diversity Society | Supported Schools

19 October 2022


Academic life at The Prep during the past 12 months has been a journey of vibrancy, variety and engagement. All of our pupils have been fully immersed in a huge range of learning experiences, both inside and outside of the classroom.

19 October 2022

Chapel Inspiration ~ Siobhan Pierce (Q, 2010)

When I think of Cheltenham College, my first and favourite memories are of Chapel – the thunderous hymn singing and Father Reynaud’s sermons. His sermons consistently focused on service to others.

19 October 2022

Cheltenham International Schools

It has been a year of growth for our international schools | China | Cheltenham Muscat The First Year

19 October 2022

Peter Clare Beauchamp (H, 1946)

Peter Beauchamp, son of Commander Harold Charles Beauchamp (Day Boy, 1906) and nephew of Willoughby Beauchamp (Day Boy, 1907), died on 10 February 2022, aged 93.

18 October 2022


Creative arts were once again at the heart of Prep life this year. Individual tuition in music was back to record numbers again and The Lake House was home to near constant music-making in lessons for all pupils.

18 October 2022


One of the joys of a return to a normal school routine post Covid has been the ability for us to return to a full programme of sport for all pupils at College.

18 October 2022

Ben Bennett (H, 1958)

Ben Bennett, son of Benjamin Bennett (H, 1934) and father of the late Ben Bennett (H, 1982), died on 19 October 2021, aged 80.

17 October 2022


A full and uninterrupted year of sport at The Prep was a welcome novelty this year and everyone enjoyed participating in teams of all abilities on our pitches, courts and in the pool.

17 October 2022

Full Circle at Cheltenham! ~ Benji Snell (L, 2002 and current Cheltenham Muscat staff)

On 31 August 1997, I set off for my first day at Cheltenham College. Mr Cook (Housemaster of Leconfield) had that summer come to my prep school, Beaudesert Park, and I was looking forward to starting at College, albeit a little nervous!

17 October 2022

Philip Morgan Bevan-Thomas (Xt, 1953)

Philip Bevan-Thomas, brother of William Bevan-Thomas (Xt, 1948) and David Bevan-Thomas (H, 1951), died peacefully on 18 February 2022, aged 87. Beloved husband of Janet, much loved father of Giles and Oliver, father-in-law of Sophie and Katie, and grandfather to four grandsons.

16 October 2022

Prep Valete

Our Fond Farewells from The Prep

16 October 2022

Michael Joseph Gideon Billingham (L, 1951)

Michael Billingham, father of James Billingham (L, 1981), died on 23 November 2021, aged 87.

16 October 2022

Rowing to Business Success ~ Jody Fletcher (née Patrick, Ch, 1996)

I’m not sure I’ll ever forget my first day at College. I’d always been a real ‘home bird’. I have a close relationship with my parents and siblings so, despite the excitement about

16 October 2022

From Art Comes Engineering ~ Kim Harris (née Willett, A, 2008)

When I started at College in 2013, I can say with some confidence that the worlds of engineering and manufacturing were not high on my list of interests. My main and perhaps only subject of interest was Art.

15 October 2022


The Autumn Term saw a whole House trip to Combat Splat for paintballing, and then the College Variety Show came around fast, hosted by two of our Upper Sixth Nathan C and Hasan I.

15 October 2022

DofE: 60 Years Walking in the Hills ~ Anthony Sollars (L, 1961)

There can’t be many three-generation families with Duke of Edinburgh Awards. My interest in hill walking started with a course at Plas y Brenin, Snowdonia, when I was about 15, leading to a Silver DofE expedition with College in Skye and my Silver Award in 1961.

14 October 2022

Cheltenham in Shrewbsury: A Boyceite Remembers ~ Hugh Langrishe (Xt, 1940)

Britain was in a state of international crisis from as early as the summer of 1938. The boys at College were put to digging trench air raid shelters along the edges of the adjacent playing fields during the Summer Term – only to fill them in again in the Autumn Term;

13 October 2022

Ian Stanley Burge (BH, 1951)

Ian Burge, father of Nicholas (BH, 1979), Jonathan (BH, 1980), Alexander (BH, 1985), Benjamin (BH, 1992) and the late Sebastian, known as Bass (BH, 1989), died on 8 June 2021, aged 87.

12 October 2022

Christopher Dundas Dooner (H, 1950)

Christopher Dooner (H, 1950), son of Lawrence Dooner (L, 1918) and father of Martin Dooner (H, 1979), passed away peacefully at home on 8 October 2021, aged 87.

11 October 2022

Damien Piers Evans (Wilson, 1991)

Damien Evans died on 2 April 2020, aged 47.

09 October 2022

Charles John Farr (H, 1950)

Charles Farr died on 21 November 2021, aged 88.

09 October 2022

Dr William Hugh Foster (OJ & Thirlestaine, 1971)

William (Bill) Foster, son of the late Hugh Foster (Hon OC and Junior School staff 1961-86) and brother of John Foster (OJ & Thirlestaine, 1967) and Tim Foster (OJ & Thirlestaine, 1976), died on 11 October 2021, aged 67.

08 October 2022

Hugh Michael Osman Giddy (Xt, 1965)

Mike Giddy died on 16 June 2021, aged 73. He is survived by his beloved wife Linda, sons Nickolas and James, and two young grandsons Barnaby and Austin.

07 October 2022

Brian Lowe (NH, 1957)

Brian Lowe died on 2 February 2022, aged 82.

07 October 2022

Newick House

It has been another fantastic year for Newick with many individuals achieving various different accolades across the board.

05 October 2022

Christopher Ernest Maunsell MC (Xt, 1957)

Christopher (Kit) Maunsell, son of Major Anthony CK Maunsell (Xt, 1925) and brother of the late Professor MG Maunsell (Xt, 1960), died on 6 October 2021, aged 82.

05 October 2022

The Queen’s House

Having struggled to complete many of our usual House events in the past two years we finally managed to come together as a House this past year.

04 October 2022


As a House we were extremely lucky to welcome our new Housemaster Mr Orchard and his family Emma, Ellis, Luca, Bertie the dog and later in the year, new baby Luca into the Southwood family.

04 October 2022

Michael McEvoy (Cheltondale, 1953)

Michael (Mike) McEvoy died on 29 November 2021, aged 85.

03 October 2022


Over the past year £745,000 has been donated or pledged to the Cheltenham College Charitable Trust by Old Cheltonians, current and past parents, and staff.

03 October 2022

Ian Robert McFarlane (NH & L, 1946)

Ian McFarlane died on 23 December, aged 93. A passion for ships led him to a successful entrance examination at the age of 13 for Dartmouth Naval College. However, his restricted eyesight prevented him from joining and he came to College.

03 October 2022

College Rackets Fellowship Programme

In 2021-22, we were proud to support three OC placements overseas as part of our bourgeoning Rackets Fellowship Programme

02 October 2022

Sports Clubs

Cheltonian Society sports clubs are a great way to connect with other Society members. Our thanks to all Society members who are involved in running sports clubs.

02 October 2022

David Frank Megginson (Thirlestaine, 1961)

David Megginson, brother of Jonathan Megginson (L, 1967), died on 21 July 2021, aged 77.

01 October 2022


Having an ease on Covid restrictions this year has allowed our Westal girls to take advantage of the many activities available. This includes escape rooms, ice skating, pamper parties, in-House sushi making, and a trip to AquaVenture.

01 October 2022

OC Sporting Sucesses

We are proud that a number of OC athletes, many of whom have been Talented Athlete Programme (TAP) members, achieve astounding success in their sporting careers.

01 October 2022

College Valete

Our Fond Farewells.

26 September 2022

Where are they now?

We asked some recent leavers two questions: What is your best memory from your House? & What have you been doing since leaving College?

18 September 2022

John Adrian Millbourn (NH, 1951)

John Millbourn died on 10 June 2021, aged 87. John was a House Prefect and rowed in the 1st IV.

17 September 2022

George Walter Powell (OJ & Xt, 1953)

George Powell, brother of William (Bill) Powell (OJ & Xt, 1950), father of Dan Powell (OJ & S, 1984), and grandfather of Billy (OJ, 2010) and Lily (OJ & Westal, 2020), died on 21 December 2021, aged 85.

16 September 2022

Dr John Minton Rees (Xt, 1962)

Dr John Minton Rees died on 21 February 2022, aged 77, after a long illness, bravely fought.

14 September 2022

David Ewart Lennard Slater (Cheltondale, 1949)

David Slater, father of Hugo Slater (Cheltondale, 1978) and Glen Slater (Cheltondale, 1980), died on 30 December 2021, aged 90.

12 September 2022

Harold Moreton Stranks FCA (H, 1948)

Moreton Stranks, uncle of the late Charles Woollett (H, 1963) and James Woollett (H, 1968), died on 13 November 2021 aged 90.

11 September 2022

Christopher Richard Thompson (H, 1962)

Christopher (Chris) Richard Thompson, son of John Thompson (0J & Xt, 1921) and father of Adrian (W, 1984) and Julian (S, 1991), died on 11 September 2021, aged 77.

08 September 2022

Christopher John Wegerif (NH, 1951)

Christopher Wegerif died on 17 December 2021, aged 87.

06 September 2022

Peter Daniel Withinshaw (Cheltondale, 1980)

Peter Withinshaw died on 1 December 2021, aged 59.

03 September 2022

Timothy Paul Zorab BDS (NH, 1977)

Timothy (Tim) Zorab, son of Dr Phillip Zorab (L, 1934) and brother of Mark Zorab (L, 1971) and James Zorab (L, 1975), died on 20 October 2021, aged 68.

02 September 2022


These obituaries have been compiled from obituaries published in national and local papers, eulogies given at funerals, and tributes written by family members or those who knew the deceased very well.